“Who We Are Now” Indiewire: David Ehrlich Julianne Nicholson proves once again she’s one of the greatest actresses alive. But nobody can be told what makes Julianne Nicholson so great, you have to see it for yourself — she’s kind of like the Matrix in that way (a movie in which she regrettably wasn’t cast). But lo, this review brings good news for all the potential fans who have been failing the actress (and themselves) for far too long: There has never been a better showcase for her talents than “Who We Are Now.” Village Voice: Divika Girish While Nicholson’s onscreen, it’s impossible to pay heed to anything but her. She scorches the film with her barely bottled ferocity and vulnerability. LA Times: Noel Murray As Beth, Nicholson shows frightening flashes of frustration and indignation, immediately tempered with regret, born of her stubborn faith that getting her child back will fix everything.

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Sophie and the Rising Sun is now available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. Please share the news with your friends and family, so as many people as possible can experience what the Alliance of Women Film Journalists say is: “Insightful and timely…humanity and compassion…with stunning performances by three leading ladies, Julianne Nicholson, Margo Martindale and Lorraine Toussaint, breaking barriers and defying societal norms is everything we need to see right now.” Sophie and the Rising Sun is also available on DVD and Digital. Click here for the different viewing options.